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Kundanikaben (1927- 2020):

Kundanikaben was born in Limdi, Gujaat, on January 11, 1927.As a little girl she enjoyed reading in Gujarati and English even though she did not fully comprehend it. Early on she had developed an exceptional writing skill. She was praised by teachers for her writing skill,and in college, a professor claimed her as an author in embryo.
In 1942 she was influenced by Gandhi’s quit India movement and had actively participated. Her college education took place in the same college as Gandhiji was educated, a simple coincidence of two outstanding souls.

After completing her college education, she moved to Bombay and begun writing short stories, essays, editorial columns for newspapers and magazines.To support herself, she translated English literature from USIS library into Gujarati language.
She was inclined to write about current issues for society at large. Her novel,“Seven steps in the Sky”, covering women’s plight in Hindu-Gujarati society became an epic novel in Gujarati literature. She earned high recognition and won many awards for this novel. It has been translated in many languages.

Her other known book, “Param Samipe” (in presence of God) is a collection of prayers. It has gone through 24 reprints and has received praise for it being a source of inspiration to thousands who have read it.

Her working career started as a freelance journalist and she became editor in chief of a popular monthly magazinecalled “Navanit” (1962-80) which was considered parallel to Reader’s Digest from USA. She met and married Makarand Dave who was a regular contributor to Navanit as a poet.They complemented each other in literary and spiritual contribution. She continued writing until end of her life.

Kundanikaben was called as “Ishama” by people associate with Nandigram.

List of Publications by Kunadika Kapadia:

Books of Kundanikaben Kapadia

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