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Nandigram has floated various programs to ameliorate some of the educational shortcomings. One such effort has resulted in a child/young adult development Centre (Vikramshila) that includes:

  1. An evening session to help school education up to 6th grade, Kalbal.

  2. Kindergarten for 25 students, KhelaGhar, with play and music built into the program.

  3. Technical vocational training for students at risk of dropping out of high school, such as computer education and environmental awareness workshops.

  4. Establishing a room-and-board facility for 20 high school students, Chhatralay.

  5. Full-time summer camps of one weak for young adults.

  6. A place for library, playhouse, mind enhancement games.

  7. Financial assistance to students, especially female girl students pursuing professional courses.

  8. Environment awareness and nature appreciation field trips.

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