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Education is a basic necessity, but the facilities available around are very few. Hence Nandigram started an educational center called Vikramshila. The current varieties of educational activities include :

  • Kalbal - an evening educational session to help students up to 6th grade.

  • The Computer Center operational here since 1995, provides training to approximately 200 Students per year. It is affiliated to All India Computer Education Society. The vocational courses conducted here enable trainees to get jobs easily at Government Concerns as well as Private firms. Our Tribal Center has received several Awards for excellence.

  • Chhatralay - Free Lodging & Boarding facility to 20 High School students from remote villages so that their educational center would be easily accessible.

  • Residential Summer Camps of one week for adolescents.

  • Financial assistance to needy students pursuing professional courses, with special preference for females. 

  • ECAD (Environment center for Art and Design) is a center to promote experimental regional art and craft, research in building material envelop materials and symbiotic relationship between art, architecture and Nature. Biophilic park – a whole new way of looking at integrating living environment with Nature, is established at ECAD. A botanical nursery will be a new building in support of biophilic park as per the donation received. 

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