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Sound health is a pre-requisite for productive life. Keeping this in mind, Nandigram initiated social services by providing health care facilities. The medical facility at Nandigram consists mainly of an outpatient clinic serving over 100 villages within a radius of 50 miles. These include:

  • Daily General OPD of about 70 – 80 patients.

  • OPD for T.B. patients conducted fortnightly.

  • Fortnightly psychiatric OPD with attendance of 60-80 patients every time.

  • Treatment in alternative medicines such as Ayurved and Homeopathiy.

    Other health related actives are:

  • Service to various villages in the vicinity by mobile clinics.

  • Medical camps at remote tribal villages of Dharampur and Kaprada Talukas.

  • Outreach programs in basics of good health and hygiene in schools.

  • Economic and administrative help to patients needing hospitalization for major

  • illnesses, surgery and snake-bite.

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