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Villages are the soul of India. Nandigram is surrounded by tribal areas and hence Makrandbhai and Kundanikaben took lot of interest in creating awareness and upliftment of the deprived people of these tribal areas. In accordance with the same, following activities are undertaken not as a dole only but with active contribution from the beneficiaries by way of token financial contributions, labour or sometimes providing bricks manufactured at their own kilns. This is to ensure their self-respect too.

  • Help buildtoilet facilities.

  • Help build water reservoir, wells and water impounds.

  • Rainwater harvesting, overhead water tanks, leveling of land for agriculture.

  • Installation of solar pumps on water reservoir to provide irrigation water to small farmers.

  • Provide resources to build Vegetable Mandaps.

  • Liaison between various schemes of Government agencies and villagers to make them avail benefits provided.

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