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The very foundation of Nandigram is rooted in spiritual Experiences and exploration of life in its true sense while serving societal needs. Consequently, there are no bars on class, castle, religious bends, creed, or nationality of individuals to reside or visit here. There are no extraneous rituals to be performed here as a part of the daily routine. Nandigram offers vibrant and peaceful places for spiritual Practices, silent prayers, meditation, connecting with ultimate reality, own inner self. An infinite faith in Godand fulfillment of mankind are the two-guiding principles by which Nandigram offers hope to humanity. The residents of Nandigram live in unison as a one big family. Daily Toilet/Bath Unit Avada for animal drinking Pyramid for meditation life evokes the sense of devotion, selflessness, joy, and peace, all rolled into one. Simplicity, like mindedness and cooperation offer stress free life at Nandigram. The activities include:

  1. Prayer, Spiritual retreats, and discourses.

  2. Meditation, Self-imposed silence, isolation, and inner reflection.

  3. Three tier retreat, Ayurvedic, Spiritual and mental health
    is planned once a month.

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