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The very foundation of Nandigram is rooted in spiritual practices and exploration of simple life style while serving societal needs.  There are no complex rites and rituals in daily spiritual practices. Even there are no bars on class, caste, creed or nationality here. Instead, here there is only one religion-a religion of humanness.All are respected equally here.  Nandigram inhabitants live here as one big family.

Nandigram has always been a Spiritual epicenter for people seeking inner peace and enlightenment. The various highly spiritual places scattered across Nandigram serve as power points for those yearning to delve into the depths of their souls and connect with higher power. The Spiritual energy exuded here is experiential, drawing people from all walks of life to seek solace and spiritual awakening. All these places offer a serene environment for individuals to disconnect from the chaos of life and reconnect with their inner selves. The lush green trees, the colour fulfragrant flowers and chirping of birds act as a natural background score, harmonizing the mind, body and soul with the inner divine beings. The whole center encompassing the trees and numerous meditation centers exudes an air of tranquility and spirituality.


The prime purpose of Nandigram is to help people in the pursuit of their spiritual upliftment. Makrandbhai has left behind voluminous literature on the subject. On the basis of this as well as scriptures referred to and recommended by him, we envisage to establish a guidance and training center to help each aspirant Sadhak to ascertain his/her specific style and level of evolution, so that they can carry on the onward spiritual journey.      

Spiritual Activities done throughout the year here are:

  • Prayers, Jap and Yagna

  • Meditation, silence, solitude

  • Study camps and workshops.

  • Discussions and discourses on Spiritual Topics.

    Every year, on 31st January (Makrandbhai's Death anniversary), Hanuman Jayanti (Lord Hanuman-Birthday), 30th April (Kundanikaben's Death Anniversary) and 13th November (Makrandbhai's Birthdate), various programs such as Bhajan, Prarthana,   spiritual talks, recorded speech of Shree Makrandbhai and Shree Kundanikaben are organized and celebrated with inner joy and enthusiasm in Nandigram. On these special occasions, hitherto unpublished literature written by Shree Makrandbhai and Shree Kundanikaben are published and released.

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