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Environment Center for Art and Design (ECAD)
ECAD is planned to promote experimental regional art and craft, research in building material envelop materials, and symbiotic relationship between art, architecture, and Nature.
Two congruent efforts have been planned:

  • ECAD facility be housed in existing storage warehouse (2, 000 sq. ft.) to be renovated. An
    outdoor partially covered workspace has also been planned. Warehouse space will be used a
    multipurpose space for conferences, workshops, model shop, and meeting space. Outdoor
    space will accommodate material research and sculpture workspace. Mission of ECAD is to
    understand deep rooted characteristic of regional architecture form and purpose. It will reach
    out to local/regional artisans to promote their craft. Total cost of renovation is estimated at

    Rs. 8 lakhs ($ 10, 000).

  • A botanical nursery will be a new building (1, 000 sq. ft.) in support of biophilic park. Biophilic
    Park is a whole new way of looking at integrating living environment with natural nature. This
    concept is to promote and understand deep rooted landscape in nature. Total cost of
    structure is renovated at around Rs. 6 lakhs ($ 7, 500)

Together it forms symbiotic relationship with nature and manmade environment. It also complements our mission of outreach work with our place with nature where trees are Gurus, and a spiritual reinforcement of our daily existence.

Renovation of Dormitories

Nandigram has embarked on a renovation of a 22-year Dormitory structure which houses 20+ high school students. Total cost of renovation of about 4,500 square structure is about 9 lakhs. We have acquired a funding of 5 lakhs from Rashikbhai Doshi of James Walker Inmarco Ind. PVT. LTD. under SRS (Socially Responsible Services) funding scheme. We have sent requests to raise remainder
of gap of Rs. 5 lakhs ($ 6, 500). Work on renovation of ferro cement Geodesic dome structure as well as an installation of new metal roof sheltering existing structure has begun.

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