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Makrandbhai, (1922-2005):

He was poet, thinker, philosopher, and sage. He was one of the most versatile writers in Gujarati language. Makrandbhai was born on November 13, 1922, in Gondal near Rajkot, Gujarat. He grew up listening to devotional and spiritual songs, hymns, and was exposed to poetry by family clan. As early as age of ten, he delves into writing poems. He was an avid reader from childhood. He also enjoyed sitting alone under a tree admiring nature and meditating early on.

He had joined quit India movement in 1942. His working career started as sub-editor of Kumar magazine in 1943, and later as a chief editor of Girionevasi in four languages. He learnt Bengali language, especially to read Tagor’s Gitanjali in Bengali.

After passing of his father in 1946, he moved back to Gondal to take care of his ill health mother. He essentially worked from home only. In 1953, he had an unusual, almost a miracle like spiritual epiphany with a message “Hari Bol” (Speak to almighty) within. From that day onwards his life was directed towards the spiritual journey.

He married Kundanikaben in 1968. After marriage he split his time between Mumbai and Gondal until 1976 when his mother passed. The he moved to Bombay with Kundanikaben until 1981 when they moved to Valsad before they established Nandigram in 1986.
He wrote about 80 books consist of children’s poems, essays, short stories, and large collection of poetries and Gazalas.

He received many prestigious awards and a lifetime achievement award in Gujarati literature; Ranjitram Suvarna Chandrak – 1979.


List of Publications by Makarand Dave:

List of Makrandbhai prose books

List of Makarandbhai poetry Book

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