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Nandigram is a creation of renowned poet and visionary, Sai Shree Makrandbhai Dave and an eminent writer as well as spiritual pilgrim Shree Kundnikaben Kapadia. It was established in 1985 with few like-minded people under Divine Guidance.


The name Nandigram has a deep meaning. King Bharat of Ramayan, instead of staying in the palace preferred to live a simple life in a small hut at Nandigram village located on the outskirts of Ayodhya after vangaman (exile) of Lord Ram. He placed the sacred paduka of Shree Ram on the royal throne and ruled the kingdom on his behalf awaiting his return. In the same manner, the founders of Nandigram left the city-life of Mumbai and selected to reside at Vankal – a small village of Valsad District, Gujarat. Makrandbhai and Kundnikaben strongly believed in working as per inner guidance from Supreme power, keeping their own desires and ego aside. They used to advise us to perform all the activities without the sense of doership. They emphasized to live a simple life with continuous spiritual growth; so that Divinity can be manifested within.

They also belived that social service and sperutiality should go hand in hand. Saadhanaa without social concern is lop-sided and service wihout surrendering to God is ego-boosting. 


Our founders firmly believed that the inner purification and social obligations are the two wings of the Soul.

Makrandbhai (13/11/1922 - 31/01/2005)


Kundanikaben (11/01/1927 -  30/04/2020)


Shree Makarandbhai was born  in Gondal, Gujarat, India to a very noble and pious parents. He was known for his profound and captivating poetries and writings that touch the hearts of seekers. Throughout his life, he contributed immensely to Gujarati literature and his creations are deeply rooted in the society. He often explored themes of divne love, speritulity and nature. He was honoured with sevral awards. Though he is no longer present physically, his massages are ever relevant. 

Shree Kundanikaben was born in Limdi, Gujarat, India. She was a highly acclaimed writer. She has made significant contributions to Gujarati literature and has captivated the readers with her exceptional storytelling abilites. She had a deep understanding of human emotions and intricacies, which is beautifully reflected in all her works. Her Literary journey has been adorned with numerous awards and accolades. Her stories often delve into complexities of human relationships, social issues and the human experience, leaving readers spellbound.

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