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Thirty-Five Years ago Nandigram was a dream. Today it is a reality. It is a place full of life where nature is a driver. It is a place where, metaphorically, trees are Gurus. It is tranquil. It
evokes sense of spiritual and social fulfillment; however, it is more than a social center and a spiritual place. It is a lifestyle, a lifestyle that represents a dream to be a microcosm of a larger sustainable world.

Nandigram, is mindful of the existing socio-economic-political situation of the area. It focuses on :

Environment Center for Art and Design (ECAD) is planned to promote experimental regional art and craft, research in building material envelop materials, and symbiotic relationship between art, architecture, and Nature.

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Dharampur road, Post Vankal- 396007 Valsad, Gujarat, India

Courier Address: Shri,Rakeshbhai Parekh 801, Dattdham Society, Ramji Tekra, V.P. Road Valsad-396001.

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Arvind Kantalia, Administrator

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Amee Parikh, Managing Trustee


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