Spiritual Programs

The very foundation of Nandigram is rooted in spiritual practices and exploration of eco friendly simple life style, while serving societal needs. There are no bars on class, caste, religious bends, creed or nationality of individuals to reside or visit here. There are no complex rituals in daily spiritual practices.

Nandigram inmates live as one big family. They lead a stress free life and attend to assigned work, big or small, in the spirit of dedication. Our spiritual programs include:

  • Prayer, retreats, discourses.
  • Meditation, silence, solitude.
  • Study camps and workshops.
  • Japa and yagna (scientifically proved to purify the environment)

Over here, trees are our Gurus. Journeying through the labyrinth of darkness, they reach the water of life. While the roots search their way deeper in the soil, the trees grow into opposite direction, i.e., upward to the sky. Journey to the dark underground is invisible but the fact is they have found elixir of life, which is manifested in full glory of Treehood, i.e., flowers and fruits, shade and shelter. Similarly, Nandigram has its roots in sadhana in solitude and its manifestation is humanitarian work.

Thus, we derive our inspiration from the trees and at the same time, we have full faith in divine help.