Farming And Cow Rearing

Agriculture though on a small scale is a very significant activity of Nandigram. To be in harmony with nature and stress-free living, we have here totally organic farming as an intrinsic part of the overall philosophy of creating a sustainable environment. Chemical fertilizers and poisonous pesticides have never been used here. We prepare manure through different methods, like zatpat khatar, compost manure, wormi compost, wormi-wash etc. The food grains, vegetables and fruits used in our common kitchen are 70 to 75 % grown in-house.

We in Nandigram believe in non­-violence towards all living organisms in our  premises of Nandigram. We have a well developed herbal garden for natural and ayurvedic healing. Our medicinal plantation includes Allovera, Braluni, Tulsi, Billi etc. which are used for herbal remedies. We also prepare powder and sherbat from Hibiscus flowers (only red single petalled variety).

Nandigram has a sacred cow shelter for breeding cows of famous Gir breed. We have 25 cows of Gir breed for dairy products and organic manure. We also make home-made preparations from cow dung, cow urine and other herbs  which are found quite effective in certain health problems. Massage oil made form this helps patients suffering from difficulties related to arthritis.

Camp for holistic health at three levels

Tri-Stariya-Swasthya Shibir

One small but very special activity is tri-stariya-swasthya shibir (camp for holistic health) aimed at health at all the three levels of existence viz. physical, mental and spiritual, conducted every month. It includes yogasanas, pranayam, massage, steam-bath, acupressure, etc. for physical care, lectures explaining maintenance of mental health by qualified psychotherapist and healthy food habits and information about nutritious values about meals by an expert vaidya. For opening the doors within and inner exploration, self-study, cogitation, silence (mauna), meditation, devotional hymns (bhajans) etc. are integrated in the program.